Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Kikunoi presents layers of natural flavors from ingredients from four seasons.  It reminds me Saison of San Francisco.

KURUMI-DOFU (Walnut Tofu) as the sakizuke course is refine, smooth, pudding-like texture totally different than the soy bean tofu, and bits of crunchy walnut inside.  This is a traditional sesame tofu added walnut flavor.  If you like to try Japanese sesame tofu, Nami Nami at Mountain View CA serves sesame tofu daily. 

Between a small cricket cage and a leaf of kuzu arrowroot, chef presented fall delicacies: barracuda sushi, salted ayu entrails with trout roe, grilled chestnuts, hamo roe mousse, "ginkgo" sweet potato, jade ginkgo nuts, green tea noodle fans.

Chicken rice to go.

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