Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nami Nami

Leaving for Paris tomorrow morning, we headed for Nami Nami to get our Japanese fix before the trip. We know that we will get OD on French cusine in the coming week.

Nami Nami Tofu
seame paste tofu, traditional Kyoto style

Seasnail Nuta-Ae
boiled seasnail and green onion in sweet white miso vinegar

Octopus and seaweed su-no-mono
sliced octopus and seaweed in dashi vinegar sauce

Hokkaido crab
crab roe was so sweet that I remember the flavor vividly a week later

Soft boiled egg cocktail

Toro yuba wasabi
thin tofu shin "yuba" w/ washbi and soy milk

Halibut Nanban
breaded fried halibut and onion marinated in sweet vinegar

steamed monk fish liver w/ ponsu sauce

best otoro, better looking than wagu beef

Frederic Esmonin's 2006 Ruchotte-Chambertin

Crab rice porridge

Chef's special Kobe beef
onion, carrot, red bell pepper, and red pepper corn
Chefs at Nami Nami are very creative. We always ask them to whip out a new dish for Burgundy.

Home-made plum ice cream

White coffee panacotta
coffee bean soaked in milk for 3 days to get the flavor

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