Thursday, December 29, 2011

Saison Winter 2011

Saison Winter 2011

2 of my 3 perfect meals ever are at Saison.  Joshua presented purity of all the best ingredients of the day, the way dinning should be.

eggs - white sturgeon

Thomas Keller's last mind-blowing meal he had.

eggs - golden trout

egg - chicken

 CRU - shigoku oyster, in its ember roasted juices

shrimp chip

 bluefin - torn w/ scallop shell

bluefin head cheese, tonnatto, beach herbs

bluefin spine 

(purity of ocean flavor)

brassicas 3.0 


 wood-fire oven baked olive bread

  crustaceans - lobster tail grilled over a bed of seaweeds & wild fennel

foie, white chocolate, olive, bread, beer - the texture

wood pigeon, 38 days, fall fruits, chili, olive 

crispy skin, tender juicy meat, even the fat between skin and meat was perfect in flavor

four story hills BEEF 109 cut, 30 days, beef fat vinaigrette

 just right amount of acidity to bring out the prime rib

Nid d'abeille 

always our fav. miss Matt

 Lemon 1:27

NAWLINS - coffee and beignets 

sorry miss beignets pix. too good to wait

popcorn ice cream 4.0

always my fav but I never knew this can be improved with a hint of salt 

chef made a menu for us afterwards.  

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