Sunday, September 12, 2010

SaisonSF & Jeremy Fox

We have been waiting for Patterson and Jeremy Fox's Plum to open for months.  Under extreme desperation when found out Jeremy was not joining Plum, I called on George of Atherton Wine Import for help get a table of Joshua and Jeremy's Fired Dinner at Saison.  Lucky us get confirmation for a table in that morning.  George the man!!!

Fired Vegetables, what a great way to celebrate the open oven in the court yard.  Sitting next to the oven, we get a great view of Jeremy's cooking and the warm of the fire in a cold San Francisco summer night.

We went with the Mark Bright's wine pairing of course.  Nice pairing with Jeremy's and Joshua's delicate courses.

tomato different ways

polka corn & okra

variety of carrots

Joshua went back to kitchen preparing his famous sweet bread.

merlin beets

Two hot chefs' Fire Dinner attracted SFFD.  Joshua was called out to explain the sparks all over Saison while fire trucks stand by outside.


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