Thursday, October 7, 2010

Commis Sept 2010

Commis, a jewel in bay area, is always our top choice.  
James Syhabout who worked at Fat Duck and El Bulli, prepares unique flavors that I have never taste before.  Fresh local produces mix with flavors that is opposite yet harmonic.  A slightly hint of sweetness and sour, Thai or Shanghai?  It is definitely not fusion but just Commis.  We always bring Pierre-Yves and Anne Gros to Commis.  Still can't resist a taste of wine pairing that enhanced the courses with extra excitement. Dinning experience definitely reminds me L'Astrance where we have our most memorable food and wine pairing.

With limited 31 seats, Commis does not offer much choice when it come to reservation.  For eight months, our only choice has always been 9:30pm Sunday.  But, work can wait.  We will be back soon.
Poached york

dry farmed tomato, dried bread
heirloom pepper with lime peel, yogurt

natural sweet corn cereal
cucumber, radish and fennel with lemon

grilled hake
squash spiced with nasturtium leaves, chanterelles and crisp okra

breast of duck, tongue confit
wild lafayette elderberries, russian varietal kale with ginger

beef sirloin, slowly cooked
veal cheek, eggplant with ash of the skins, chervil and capers

refreshing melon soda to clean palate 
selection of american artisan cheeses
fig-olive jam, oakland honey, our hazelnut bread

smoke & apples
apple & huckleberry tart with thyme, smoked buttermilk ice cream

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  1. Looks delicious! Presentation is more on the rustic side, I kind of prefer it like that. Hopefully I will be able to try it soon!