Monday, December 28, 2009

Ubuntu Lunch Dec. 26, 2009

After L'Arpege, I found my love for organic vegetables.  After Ubuntu, I started a organic garden and vowed to come back every month.  Here we are the day after Xmas where Ubuntu just open after 3 days of Xmas holidays.   The place is packed with happy couples and family.  What a pleasant place to be during the holiday season.

2007 Pierre Yve Colin Morey Chassagne Montrachet 
Young pineapple and lime with hint of coconut, perfect match with Ubuntu's aromatic dishes.

Hudson ranch 'lunga di napoli' squash chowder
spiced creme fraiche, 'lady' APPLE, pumpkin seed oil

Jeremy Fox bring the soup to a different level when he has all different kind of herbs and fruits/ vege under the soup.  Each spoonful has different favor depending on the herb, fruits, or vegetable you pick up.

crunchy OCA marinated in local citrus & olive oil
'fuyu' PERSIMMON, crushed avocado, macadamia

Hudson ranch 'merlin' beets, rancho gordo red quinoa
QUINCE soffritto, slow stems & greens, wild MACHE

Sweet, juicy, and soft beet with fluffy red quinoa work the texture of this couse.  The beauty increased our appetite.

creamy burrata with ash-dusted crackers
'surrey' ARUGULA, pickled onion, 'barhi' date

'hakurel' TURNIPS & riverdog potatoes roasted in HAY
ember-baked chopped EGG sauce, tiny LEEKS, jus roti

assorted young RADISHES and 'taylor gold' pear
'savoy' cabbage salad, HONG VIT, black garlic, mustard seed

organic grits from arbuckle infused with goats milk whey
homemade goat ricotta, soft farm EGG, pickles CHARD & STEM 'chow-chow'

quite small CARROTS with homemade carrot juice gnocchetti
shaved mimolette, greenhouse CELERY, spiced pulp crumble

fall fruit float with hibiscus soda
cranberry sorbet, 'fuyu' PERSIMMON, citrus ice

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