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Ubuntu dinner Dec. 26, 2009

~ Aromatically Correct ~
Three hours after lunch at Ubuntu, we are back for dinner.  I had a table with Kerry who served us the first time in Ubuntu and shared our love for Sauzet.  When Kerry saw me across the restaurant at lunch time, we waived at each other and I asked her for one of her tables for dinner.  We had lots of fun.
Kerry is happy, energetic, and extremely knowledgeable about every single bottle of organic or bio dynamic wine on the wine list.  Watching her explaining all the dishes and having fun with guests were such a treat.  

We ordered two glasses of white wine from the "Aromatically Correct" wine board.  Then, decided to open our 2007 Anne Gros Chambolle Musigny La Combe D'Orveau, the most aromatic red burgundy with white flowers and forest green for Jeremy Fox's aromatic menu.

When chef Jeremy Fox surprised us by serving us snacks, we were so shocked and did not know what to say.  After feeling some food in the stomach, our brains regained function.  We chat with Jeremy during his "Union Break" and took a picture with him in front of kitchen.  Jeremy asked to check whether he looked good in the photo in case he needed a 2nd shot.  I told him that 'the sexiest chef' needs no worry.   "I was robbed from the title." Jeremy said.  We burst out laughing in front the whole kitchen staff and restaurant guests.

assorted young RADISHES with rancho gordo red quinoa
pickled 'lady' APPLE, black garlic, HONG VIT, mustard seed jus

four varieties of rare BEETS in a horseradish fondue
marmalade of the STEMS & GREENS, pecan, wild MACHE

Love Jeremy Fox's horseradish fondue, it is light with just a hint of horseradish not to over power the vegetables.  Beets four kind, I am in heaven. Each BEET has slight different sweetness, reminded me Commis' root vegetable.

carta da musica with 'surrey' ARUGULA and truffled pecorino
dressed with royal trumpet juices & matsutake oil
Jeremy loves pigs.  He loves these pig chopping boards and has fun using it to serve vege pizza.  Sardinian bread is thin, light, and works well with these delicate greens.  Truffled pecorino, royal trumpet mushroom juices, and matsutake oil gave this dish a full flavor.

warm doughnut, cool burrata & smoked trumpet "bacon bits"
stuffed with 3-day QUINCE soffrito, wild SORRELS, maple

How I love this dish.  Warm doughnut is light, airy, springy, and stuffed with quince.  Cool barrata provides an opposite in temperature to the warm doughnut but similarity in texture, soft, creamy, and silky.

rustic rancho gordo 'yellow eye' bean stew

quite small CARROTS lightly cooked in vegetable embers
our vadouvan, white yam & coconut milk, greenhouse CILANTRO

These baby winter carrots are smaller than our pinkies and the flavor is so intense.  Sautéed carrot brought out the sweetness while the fresh ones preserve the true-carrot flavor.  Such a treat.  Have to have a personal organic garden to pick them so young.

SUMFLOWER SEEDS prepared as a "risotto"
CELTUCE leaves... braised condimento with toasted seeds & parmesan

It is interesting how sunflower seeds work like risotto in both texture and flavor.

avocado parfait with ruby grapefruit
coconut, keiffer lime meringue, CILANTRO

Everything I love in this dessert.  Avocado, grapefruit, and cilantro.  I couldn't image but it was great.  I had the whole thing by myself and warned Milton not to touch because grapefruit does not work well with Lipitor.

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