Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Melissa's Stuffed Cupcakes

Late night dinner at WD50 yesterday.  Got up at noon with 5:30 pm dinner at Jean-Georges.  We only have time for whatever on the street since I had only 3 hours to do some shopping at SoHo.

I could not help notice the cupcakes when we passed by.  In a cold, dark, and damped NYC street, this tinny cupcake shop brightened the whole block.  

Melissa offered to let me take pictures of her freshly out of oven cupcakes.  While I was taking the picture, the line was forming behind me.  We felt really happy for her.   These beautiful cupcakes are just right for tourists, perfect street snack.  Bright intense color, moist, flavorful, and in a perfect bite-sized. 

Our cupcakes

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