Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Millenium Dec 2009

I can see why this is a popular vegetarian restaurant in SF.  Each course is like a full meal.  The mushroom, starch, vegetables, and salads do not necessary work well together.  They are intended for a full nutritious meal.  It is hard for tasting  because it is a lot of work to separate the different stuff on the plate to taste them individually and then together.

Unfortunately that the wine service is lacking.

Roasted Beets
hazelnut oil, balsamic vinegar, thyme

Huckleberry Potato Fries
sweet & spicy smoked maple ketchup

Raw Sea Vegetable & Avocado Salad
satsuma mandarin, marinated shitake mushroom, shredded daikon & carrot,
citrus-ginger vinaigrette, wasabi cream, chile "toasted" cashews

Warm Bruleed Pear & Wild Rice Salad
with beluga lentils & chppolini onions, trevisio
cranberry, fennel & sage vinaigrette, toasted walnuts

Hedgehog Mushroon & Potato Flatbread
smoked leek confit, fried capers, roasted garlic cashew cream

I thought Sauzet will work but it turns out the dishes has strong flavors, like Chinese style Italian food.

Pumpkin Curry
forbidden black rice risotto, anise glazed roasted banana squash
sautee of clamshell mushrooms, bok choy & kohlrabi, lemongrass tofu
Kaffir lime & fuyu persimmon salad

Caribbean Jerked Tempeh

coconut & ariote root vegetable stew, garlic mashed sweet potatoes
sauteed kale with caramelized onions & sea vegetable, clove pickled baby carrots

Arborio Rice Crusted Portobello Mushroom
creamy polenta nera, roasted exotic mushroom, carrot & tomato sugo
sautee of Brussels sprouts, Italian butter beans & escarole, parsley & oregano salsa verde, crisp capers

Semolina & Winter Greens Griddle Cake

saffron scented chantenay carrot, cauliflower & chickpea tagine
watercress, pear, mint & meyer lemon salad, spicy cardamom tahini cream

Masa Gnocchi
sautee of spigarello kale, maitake mushroons, pinquito beans & butternut squash
pumpkin-tequila cream, pumpkin seed emulsion, savoy cabbage & radish escabeche

Grilled Seitan & Oyster Mushroon Yuba Roulade
with smoked cherry & chard filling, stinging nettle risotto, roasted artichokes
red wine & formanova beet reduction

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