Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chez Panisse Oct 2009

Solid dishes with clean cut recipe and great ingridients.  We are so glad that we have been well trained by Alice Waters in the past 20 years to love great vegetables.  The reason why we can enjoy L'Arpege and Coi today.  

Still not use to Chez Panisse's four-course dinner. We always had plenty of great bottles of wine to make up for it.  The wine and food ratio is so imbalanced that I had to have a whole basket of bread to go with wine. 

My last bottle of 85 Dom Perignon. nose of butter, toast, and sugar cane which turn caramel.  It is so much better than the young ones.  But not as good as the bottle we opened on 4th of July.  Should have chilled it more.

Fresh mossarella rotolo with cherry tomatoes and proscuitto

a great bottle of wine.  Sulfur that help the aging of white wine is obvious.

Great nose of pipeapple and coconut.  The image of tropicle beach is vivid in our mind. P-Y Colin makes happy wine, a must in our cellars.

Shellfish risotto alla venzeziana

Chinese prawn with roe again, like Providence in LA last week.  Another well executed dish matches well with Batard Montrachet.

85 Clos de Tart and 2007 Batard Montrachet PY-Colin!   We open these two at George's B-day at Marche a couple of months ago, and at Sue-min's B-day today.  Like we planed it.

85 Clos de Tart is wonderful.  Nose of red carrant, hint of citrus and white flower with a length of 24 sec.  It reminds me 2001 Richburg Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.
85 Clos de Tart is the reason why I bought all George's 2005 Clos de Tart.

Chez Pannise does not have red burgundy glass.  We used ours for Clos de Tart.  George said "We will suffer having Echezeaux DRC in bordeaux glass."   Young tannin with nose of incense.  "Feel like I were in Matsu temple." Milton said.  This bottle of 96 opens up an hour later.  Unfortunately, 85 Clos de Tart is a hard act to follow.

Grilled rack and loin of Magruder Ranch pastured veal
w/ wild mushrooms and coco bianco beans

Loved the veal, mushrooms, and beans but the sauce is too much and too salty.  I had to drip the veal on the side of the plate for each bite.  It does not taste like a dish from a 2-star restaurant.

fresh pear

Hazelnut and burnt caramel ice cream pasticcini

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