Saturday, October 24, 2009


10 Year Anniversary Menu, October 2009.  We stuffed ourselves with 11 tasting course, not bit size at all, and another course of Steak and Egg.  Crazy night.
Hokkaido Scallop
chives, parwn salt, Ligure Rivirea olive oil

Egg Caviar
lemon creme fraiche, american caviar

Too much lemon cream and made it hard to dig into the egg.

Mandarin Tomato Soup

tomato tartare and sorbet

Cold Sorbet, warm soup, sour tomato tartar, a genius combination

Duo of Hamachi & Tuna
celery, meyer lemon, black truffles

Celery works very well with Hamichi.  Learned another new thing to improve my Hamichi dish.

Seared Foie Gras
lavender roasted peach, pain d'Epice. white balsamic reduction

Lobster Bolognese
fresh capellini, truffle forth

Crispy Loup de Mer
chanterelle mushrooms, scallion, white corn brown butter jus

This is the best fish dish I ever had.  Crispy scale!  Another Japanese technique.  The texture of Mediterranean sea bass is soft like fresh water fish.  The sweetness works well with white corns.

Rose, pomogranate, cassis, and jammy fruit flavor, >20 sec length.  Again, last bottle in the restaurant.  A lovely wine.  2001 is more enjoyable now than the 1996, 1999, and 2005.

Drinking Sauzet and Richebourg DRC with Edith Piaf vocal in the background, a perfect meal experience.

Truffle Cursted Lamb Loin
braised lamb shank, pasta e fagioli, basil mousseline, lamb jus

The texture of truffle crust does not work well with lamb.  Lamb shrank has good flavor but lack texture.

Steak and Egg

48-hour slow cooked rib eye.  Poached egg york inside shuffle with white truffle sauce.  We ordered this additional course.  We were so full that we only had less than half.  "Good attempt." the waiter commented.

Pear & Fourme d'Ambert Tart
honey-pepper gastrique

Chocolate Souffle
banana mousse, chocolate sorbet

Passion Fruit Parfait
lemongrass and coconut

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