Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chez TJ

Friendly service, attentive.    We had the best seat in the house, front window seat.  All the sauce in perfectly shaped pearl for us to experimenting how much sauce per bite.    Sommelier Suzanne Chowla is passionated about wine.  I wish the table were larger for wines or have wine station each room.
Amuse Bouche
pickled cucumber, carrot                                 chive croquet

Amuse Bouche
Hamachi, soy pearl

parsley tofu
The way I love them, pinepple, coconut, vanilla.  high acidity.  
Beets Coloriage
goat cheese, balsamic

yellow and red beets, beet chip, light and soft goat cheese in pocket, just enough to open our appetite.

Slow Poached Farm Egg
celeriac, champignons sauvages

Muzutachi mushroom, rosemary foam, truffle, celery root puree, mushroom sauce,  perfectly poached egg.  I love everything about this dish.  Must buy sous vide machine to make this at home every weekend.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras-Duo
pineapple, pomegranate
Foie gras terrin and pineapple were good, smoked duck was tough though
pomegranate jelly was great with seared foi gras.  pomogranate sponge cake is strange in texture.

Loch Duart Salmon "Mi-Cuit"
carrot, sorrel shallot

Half baked salmon has great crispy outside and kept inside raw.  Milton who refuse to eat salmon loved this dish.  amazing.

The cork is 75% soak thru, same as the previous bottle I opened a couple of months ago.  

Nose is fine, brett, stemmy.  The finish is short and sucked out all the flavor in my mouth, flawed.  Should always bring backup.  Sommelier offered us a few different wines to taste.  It made the meal.

Germany Pinot
light body, fruity

Mary's Farms Squab
potato puree, star anise consomme

This Squab is well designed and executed.  Anise consomme!  Briliant idea to bring out the anise without over powering the course.  Tender squab so great that I can only repeat it with sou vide machine.  Swiss chard is another great touch.   I am salivating.  We must go back soon with a great red burgundy to give justice to the perfect squab.

Mishima Ranch Beef Filet
chanterelles, truffle jus

beef filet is juicy and tender. truffle juice.

Roquefort "Papillon" Pearls
gruyere cracker, Honey pearl

Grape, Yogurt and Walnut Duo
grape sorbet, yogurt, walnut cake, frozen yoqurt, pickled grape

beautifully executed.  The grape could be more sour to highlight this dish.

Orange-Mocha Trifle
orange, candied orange peel, flowerless chocolate cake

Petite Four


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