Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nami Nami

Never get tired of Nami Nami. 3 Japanese chefs trained with Japanese, Chinese, and Italian. The daily menu is great for us.

Always start with white bordeaux for salad and sashimi.

Salad with Japanese eggplant

Chef's choice sashimi of the day.

Octopus, fatty t
una, white eel from Japan, and uni

Shrimp tempura

Tuna tartar

The Japanese black pork.

the usual suspect for pork.

Japanese salt. $100 a tinny jar. We got a sprinkle of it.

Duck with mango

Had to have Kobe beef for Bordeaux. Light Japanese style is perfectly done, crusty on the outside, medium rare and almost bloody inside, light on the salt to show the flavor of beef.

Chef made us Kobe beef tartar

White coffee panna cotta done beautifully. It is light, soft, and full of flavor. Coffee soaked in milk for 3 days to get the coffee favor w/o the color.

Plum ice cream

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