Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home dinner by Cha-cha Lin

Magnum Party at home for party of 12
(7 magnum burgundy and 2 chablis)

George's choice We have guarded the bread carefully after Koda, my malimute, stole George's bread last time.

2 bottles of Chablis from AWI to pair w/ sashimi dishes

Tuna tartar w/ pine nuts, soy sauce, and hint of chili, orginal tuna tartar recipe from Aqua SF

Hamachi tartar w/ shitaki mushroom, a recipe from Sansei Hawaii

Getting the white burgundy for lobster pasta and chicken

Lobster Pasta with Cod

Red magnum burgundy for chicken and duck.


Duck slow-cooked inside a vacume bag in a lab device for 3 hours. It is delicious. This lab device never fails. Got to get one of those.



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