Saturday, August 29, 2009

La Paulee NYC 2009

Wine tasting even in the afternoon

Les Cadets de Bourgogne
- a troupe of traditional Burgundian folk singers - who have led our guests in a variety of traditional harvest songs

Domaine J. F. Coche-Dury
Jean François Coche, the winemaker for the Domaine, believes that a wine’s quality comes from the vineyard and its terroir. He is well known for his impeccable viticulture and low yields.

Bar Boulud
A Selection of Gilles Verot’s Charcuterie
with Charcutier Sylvain Gasdon

Grits with Black Truffle & Ham

Cilantro Poached Pineapple w/ Coconut Cream & Lime Rum Gelee
Chocolate Brownie w/ Mascarpone Mousse Dark Chocolate Feuilletine

Chilled Sunchoke Soup
Sea Urchin Sabayon, Black Truffle

momofuku ssam bar
honeycrisp apple kimchi
burger's smoked jowl, maple labne, arugula
Kimchi at a Burgundy event? a wrong choice.

Chef D’Honneur – Daniel Boulud, Restaurant Daniel

Michel Troisgros, Restaurant Troisgros,
Roanne, France

Paul Liebrandt, Corton NYC

Pierre-Yves Colin Morey
2004 Batard Montrachet, PY Colin-Morey from George. Easily the best white burgundy of the day.
Pierre-Yves is sitting in our table. I adore PY's Montrachet. They are crisp, mineral with great balance of fruits. It became must have in my dinners.

In 1995, Pierre Yves took over the winemaking at his father’s Domaine Marc Colin, and in 2001 he decided to step out on his own with his wife Caroline Morey to form Pierre-Yves Colin Morey. He is now known for producing wine of extraordinary purity, elegance and precision. Pierre Yves Colin and his wines will be ones to watch in the coming years, as the Domaine grows.

Domaine Leflaive
Also from us. We brought the best wines in the table.

The Domaine’s vineyards have been cultivated bio-dynamically since 1990. Anne Claude pays vigilant attention to cleanliness — both in handling the grapes and in the winery — in order to preserve the delicacy of fruit aromas and flavors. Domaine Leflaive has long been considered one of the most highly regarded white wine growers in Burgundy.

Paul Liebrandt, Restaurant Corton
Foie Gras, Beet-Hibiscus Gelée, Blood Orange

a perfectly molded foie gras coated with beet. It is so beautifully presented that we all thought it was a desert. I love foie gras and beet. Nothing can beat this dish.

Gregory Pugin, Veritas
Lobster Nage, Vin Jaune, Rutabaga, Butternut Squash, Chestnuts

Clos de Tart
This monopole grand cru vineyard situated in the commune of Morey Saint Denis dates back to 1141 A.D. Since then, it has enjoyed only three owners – Cistercian nuns of the order of Notre Dame de Tart, the Marey-Monge family, who contracted the exploitation of the vines out the the Beaune négociant Maison Champy and finally the current owners - the Mommessin family of Mâcon. The Clos consists of vines that are all over 50 years old and that cover approximately 7.5 hectares on a chalky hill above Morey Saint Denis. Sylvain Pitiot, Clos de Tart’s winemaker since 1996, describes his vineyard maintenance as traditional and virtually organic. He aims to show great ripeness and intensity in his wines - this results in a style that often bold, concentrated and rip. These are well-structured, powerful and elegant wines.

George seems to have a theme by bring wines where wine makers are attending the La Paulee. A great move.

Charlotte à la Truffe et Coco (Haricots Secs)
Egg white custard is elegant and refined, perfectly paired with truffle. Haricots Secs has a rougher texture compared to the refined custard. We all left the Haricots untouched.

The oldest wine in the table. From us of course.
It is soft and well balanced. Perfect with Daniel's Coq au Chambertin.

But it is not the oldest wine in the event. I had a sip of 1915, World War I !!! Never get to see the bottle though.

Daniel Boulud, Restaurant Daniel
Coq au Chambertin, Wild Mushroom and Lardons
There is nothing Coq about these two perfectly tender piece of chicken. Drumstick has plenty of flavor, Coq au Chambertin is right. Chicken beast is molded so well that no one believes it is chicken until we put it in our mouth.

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