Monday, August 24, 2009

1st cha cha lin dinner

My first meal with Cha cha lin, flied back early from Irvine in order to make the dinner party at Atherton.
Heard so many stories about him.
During his UCSB days, he leased a parcel, hired local labor to grow organic vegetables, and sold vegetables at farmer's market. The profit goes to his passion in cooking.

1998 Bonnes-Mares, Groffier

with pork confit, tomato, onion, and basil

1989 Beaucastel, one of my favorite and aged beautifully in my cellar for 10 years.

1986 Rayas from George's cellar. It makes me realized a great bottle of aged Rhone can taste like a beautiful Burgundy.

a quarter of a pig

Crispy-skin roasted pork
Cheese course

Home made pie

As usual George ends it with a old Yqueme, 1975. It was 3:00 am by the time I looked at the clock.

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