Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sushi Sawada

Stunning.  No pictures can justify the experience.

As soon as the door opened, we were shocked by the scene: build-in iron safe on the right, bronze rice cooker and a mini charcoal grill at the left, framed by the extended sushi counter.  What a perfect modern art.

Really glad that chef did not allow me to take pictures.  I had a peaceful meal and enjoy every bit of the sanctuary of this sushi temple.  Mr. Sawada was so serious about his art of sushi.  He called himself a monk who dedicated to the art of sushi.  Sawada's special rice is very famous among chef circle.  I chat with Mr. Masa of Sushiso Masa and found that out when I discussed the exceptional sushi rice at Sawada: larger grain, slightly al dente with hint of plum.  It accentuates Sawada's best tuna which cames in 4 sashimi and 4 sushi courses: sliced otoro against grain to display the marble, cube otoro to show off the tenderness,  sliced chu toro to present the flavor of tuna fat, and of course the pleasant clear cut bluefin tuna.  We were in toro heaven.

We were so lucky to share the 6-seat counter with a couple of Sawada regulars.  All we talked about were restaurants in Tokyo, NYC, and San Francisco.  The friendship makes the heavenly experience even more memorable.

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