Wednesday, May 2, 2012

El Celler De Can Roca, Girona Spain

Special thanks to Francisco Sagrera !!!  Got a reservation at World's No 2 restaurant and made a trip to Barcelona.  

The beautiful experience started before we stepped out taxi.  Rustic wood fence with a understated sign gave a secluded feeling, reminded me SaisonSF.  Well designed garden showcases the dinning room thru glass wall, and also provides calming open feeling for the dinners.  The most amazing part is the triangle indoor Zen garden which slowed us down and set us in the mood for the most beautiful dinning experience.  

El Celler De Can Roca has a good balance of molecular gastronomy technique, flavor, and texture.  Very advanced techniques opened our appetite to get ready for an amazing culinary tour back to nature's true flavor and texture.

Girona has a beautiful medieval town with city wall built by Charlemagne the Holly Roman Emperor.  It adds a romantic history to the trip.

The world: Maxico, Peru, Lebanon, Morocco, and Korea

Caramelized Olive

Campari bombon

Ring calamar

Zucchini omelette

St George's mushroom bombon

St George's mushroom brioche

Green Salad
Avocado, lime, cucumber, Chartreuse, watercress, rocket, oxalis, olive sorbet , olive oil

 Shellfish platter
small clam/apple, cockle/paricot, mussel/smoke, clam/bay leave, oyster/grapefruit, shellfish broth/albarino

White asparagus w Iberian consonmme

White asparagus ice cream with truffle 
Ice cold temperature did bring out the the pure flavor of white asparagus.  Definitely win in flavor and creativity. One of main highlight.

Oyster with truffle and chickpea consomme

A whole king prawn
charcoal-grilled king prawn, king-prawn sand, ink rocks, fried legs, head juice, and
king prawn essence

Red sea bream, yuzu and capers

Salt-cod brandade
braised salt cod tripe, salt-cod foam, olive-oil soup, shallots and honey, thyme and chilli pepper. Vegetable contrast

Red Mullet cooked at low temperature
What is not to like about a concentrated fish soup?  and perfectly cooked red mullet.  This course has aroma, flavor, texture, and the nice touch of potato gnocchi for visual pleasure.

Iberian suckling pig blanquette with Riesling

charcoal-grilled lamb breast fillet and sweetbreads with spring mushroom

Pegeon, liver and onion
curry-caramelized walnuts, juniper, orange peel and herbs

Watermelon sorbet with coconut and tarragon

Flower bomb
rose cream, loquats and orange blossom, camomile sorbet, calendula gelatine, violet cloud, jamine oil
Rose cream, extra light texture with extra rose aroma.  I am in love.

Moka mille-feuille
anise mille-feuille amb moka foam and coffe granita

huge selection of candies

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