Sunday, February 13, 2011

SaisonSF Jan 2011

I love Josh's delicate creation.  Beautiful and harmonic flavors give us enjoyment every bite.  Well designed courses surprise us all the time.  Plus Matt's delightful desserts, Saison is my favorite place in SF Bay area.

wild fluke
river vegetable, olive oil, citrus

brassicas various ways
toasted grains, bonito

sea urchin
potato, chestnut, coffee

liver mousseline
winter fruits, hibiscus

crushed beet raviolo
bone marrow, walnut, vinegar, honey

Josh's special foie gras 

petaluma chicken
artichoke olive lemon
hand-chopped roasted chicken with foie gras was perfectly rolled in green leaf and steamed.  Josh outdo his previous perfection of roasted milk-fed chicken.

citron salad
green tea, smoked sesame
Matt continue to roll out surprises every dinner.  The only thing repeated is my favorite popcorn ice cream.   

lemon sorbet
green tea, basil, milk

nid d'abeille
brillat savarin, vanilla milk

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