Sunday, January 23, 2011

SaisonSF & Meadowood

Joshua + Christopher!!!    Yearning for Meadowood for years.  I made the reservation on the spot when dine Saison's Fire Dinner with Jeremy Fox.  The counter in kitchen!  Of course.  

Pei, Chris, and I had a great time recording the wonderful experience with three SLR cameras while Milton captured us recording the night.

little kennebec potato wild trout roe

sand dabs ember roasted leeks, sweetwater oyster jus

monterey abalone white crane herbs, leaves & flowers

pumpkin roasted in the embers, pumpkin milk, seed spices & redwood clover

four story hills 30-day beef smoked tomato juices
The best beef I've ever tasted.  "Four Story Hills, torched seared 24-hour steak, and tomato juices are the must have.  No more compromise." and we did later at home.  The result of 4 lb roast and 40 lb roast made a big difference in texture.  Will keep trying.

sheep's cheese buried in ash, buckwheat honey & toasted grains

champagne sorbet ember roasted adriatic figs

angiun strawberries fire-roasted hyssop marshmallow, popcorn ice cream
My childhood dream came true!  Matt Tinder of Meadowood then, Saison now, is my hero.
I'd been watching Matt presented dozens of this dessert in front of us.  No wonder our appetite is quite good thru out the night.  The most amazing part is the silky buttery popcorn ice cream infused with aroma of pounds of vacuum packed pop corn without any of the popcorn coarse texture.  The vacuum packed dry strawberry has intense strawberry flavor with just a slight hint of sweetness, taste like the perfect Chinese mountain berry.  The dessert I'd been looking for my whole life all came true in one.   Matt gave me a big chunk of dry strawberry.  Sorry no sharing.

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