Monday, January 3, 2011

Nami Nami winter 2010

Shoichi Shiono, Executive Chef of Nami Nami, let me design my own birthday menu, one course for each guest.  As for wine pairing, George and I brought 2 dozens of wine for pairing ;-P

Started the night with 1996 Lenoble Gentilhomme, one of my favor champagne, an extraordinay vintage and beautifully aged in the cave. Fully body, smooth, and yeasty.  Following by 1999 Dom Perignon which was still young when open but developed an hour later.

Nami Nami tofu w/ crab for Sue-min

Shoichi made this for me once in 2009.  It took me a whole year to finally get him to make it again.  Home made sesame tofu with fresh crab and crab butter.  Yummy!

Snapper sashumi for George

Fish melt with Daikon for Milton

Uni risotto for me
The use of dashi makes this risotto refreshing and show case all the ocean flavor within.

Agedashi duck, eggplant, tofu for Shinji
This is an Atherton Wine Import dish.  A burgundy lover's invention.  I can see this at Nami Nami Taipei.

Quail Peking duck style
my request but Shoichi's genius invention
All I asked for was quail with tender juicy meat and crispy skin like Peking duck.  Shoichi's Peking quail roll mirrors Cory Lee's "thousand-year-old quail egg.  This should be the first dish of our restaurant.

As usual, George carefully decants old Bordeaux.

Lamb for Peiching and his love for Bordeaux

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