Friday, November 12, 2010

Spruce Nov 2010

Spruce, an elegant neighborhood restaurant

Milton got tired of my usual Chez TJ, Commis, Saison, and Nami Nami.  We wondered to far side of San Francisco on a Saturday afternoon.  Really, the only reservation we could get at Spruce is 5:00 pm.  At least street parking was easy, right in front of Spruce.

Beautiful entrance with high ceiling.  Kind of cold though.  I was glad that I kept my shawl.  Simple and elegant menu.  Extensive wine list where I got lost and almost ordered a 90's DRC.  Service was wonderfully effective, flexible, and polite.

Well executed French cooking but we made a strategic mistake by not ording the halibat.  The whole dinning experience would have been great if we've done our usual and ordered the whole menu.

charcuterie selection
Chicken mouse is beautifully smooth. Savory prosciutto is thin, dense, and flavorful.  A great starter.  Toasted walnut bread pairs well with charcuterie.

sweetbread lyonnaise
Sweetbread is well executed. Perfect tenderness.  Pasta is too soft.

red pumpkin soup
Nicely done. Like Alain Ducasse's pumpkin soup with nice herbal twist.

foie gras two kinds
Foie gras two kinds.  There is no need to make tough choice.  This is a real treat.

rabbit: ribs, breast, and leg
Beautiful savory rabbit, well done yet tender.  Heavy lentil soup gave rabbit flavor.

honey lacquered duck breast
foie gras, poached apple
Duck breast swim in sweet honey sauce....  I moved the duck breast in my bread plate.  Would have work much better without the heavy sauce.

Nothing beats freshly fried beignets.  Vanilla sugar coating gave it just the right flavor.  I had to order another one without sugar for comparison.  Both are great!

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