Monday, November 22, 2010

Benu special Oct 30, 2010

So impressed with Cory Lee's bold flavor and intriguing textures.  We pre-ordered poularde cooked en vessie our last visit three weeks ago.  The only plan I had was to order something from a-la-carte menu since we had tasting menu last time.

Surprisingly, Cory Lee called me early afternoon that day and asked what was my dinner plan beside poularde en vessie.  I of course asked for everything possible on the a-la-carte menu, and Jin-Hua ham consome that I falled in love with. 

thousand-year-old quail egg

celery, chestnut, orange, celery root ice-cream, ginger  

this bottle of riesling had distinct flavor that intrigued us through the whole dinner.  
a strong nose of bitter yuzu and its silky texture on the tone pair with the crab/ foie gras custard extremely well.  
the green stem accentuates the scent of green yuzu from this wonderful pairing of riesling and crab/ foie gras custard. beautiful memory.
matsutaki mushroom, crab and foie gras custard, ginko nut, green yuzu

rigatoni, squid and ink, karasumi, artichoke, spicy sausage

spanish mackerel, pain de mie, parsley root, carrot, preserved ramps

white truffle risotto

talented Yoon Ha made magical pairing for Cory's bold flavors.

"shark fin", jin-hua ham consome, truffle custard
Savory ji-hua ham consome with ocean scent from crab shell.  Truffle custard gave this dish a soul.  I falled in love again.

poularde cooked en vessie

The tenderness of this chicken breast is unbelievable.  Juicy, soft, yet retain a little of elasticity.  Sous vide changed me to eat chicken.  Cory's poularde cooked en vessie transformed me to love chicken.

leg in daikon 

sea cucumber, pork belly, lettuce,  wood ear mushroom, fermented pepper

duck, duck mousse
Duck mousse was used to replaced the fat while the skin was intact with pressure applied on the re-assembled duck breast.  This created a exotic springy chewy QQ texture.  Cherry orange sweet tarte flavor. 

red deer, bacon, five spice  
Another joy of texture, crispy bacon with bouncy venison.  Red meat texture extravaganza !!!

We finished after the cleaning crew finishing up and locked us in the restaurant.  

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