Monday, February 22, 2010

Chez TJ 2010

Still not used to the old house smell, the first thing I noticed when I walked in to Chez TJ all the times.  Neither the wall covering nor the painting on the wall compliments this charming old house.  The squeeky floor, small table, and 2-hour chair, give me the chill till I seat down and start my first glass of wine.
However, I admire the owner George Aviet's choice of chefs.  The previous 2-star chef Christopher Kostow who is at St Helena's Meadowood 2*, ex-chef Bruno Chemel who currently open Baume at Palo Alto, and current Scott Nishiyama from French Laundry are talented and give South Bay a rare choice of fine dinning experience.   I am always a huge fan of Chez TJ.

Velout'e of Golden Turnip and Hosoi Pear
Ris de Veau, Burgundy Truffle, Savoy Cabbage
Velout'e is done perfectly.  The soup is so velvety and fluffy that our tongue reach the maximum sensation, like our finger trip stroking the foots of teddy bear.  And golden trunip and pear gave velout's a light refreshing sweetness.  French Laundry's 3-star quality.  We licked the bowl clean.

Moulard Duck Foie Gras "Neige"
Banana, Jerusalem Artichoke, Cashew
Snowing foie gras, another amazing dish!  Frozen foie gras shaving matches well with soft sweet banana and Jerusalem Artichoke.  I learn something new and wonderful today.

Grilled Japanese Octopus
Russet potato gnocchi, bone marrow, sorrel

Loved the gnocchi and bone marrow.  Not sure how grilled octopus fits in but does give the 10-course meal an interesting twist in the middle.

Morro Bay Sablefish "Cuit en Sous Vide"
Yukon gold potato, Manila clams, Perigord black truffle, parsley, smoky ocean broth
I don't like to have a crunchy greasy potato chip with my silky light fish.  I picked up the crunchy Yukon gold potato chip and ate them by themselves, which turns out to a smart move.  I got to enjoy the flavor of light ocean broth, clams, black truffle, and sablefish.

Pomogrante sorbet and tarragon jelly

(I will have to update my red Burgundy and  Bordeaux later.  Missed pix)

Liberty Farms Duck Breast
Date, young parsnip, michicoy honey coffee jus

Roasted Sanke River Farms Beef Ribeye

petite broccoli, cippolini onion, Maitake mushroom, caramelized garlic tamari jus

Sounds like a lot of flavors.  They work well together.  Great!

Cowgirl creamery, Mt Tam, Petaluma, California
cornbread, truffle honey
Cowgirl creamery, my favorite cheese shop, presented its signature cheese, creamy smooth buttery, works well with a hint of truffle honey.  Yummy!

"Chocolate, Mint, and Tea"
minted ganache, malted milk, Thai tea ice cream
Loved every element of this dessert.  Thai tea ice cream and minted ganache, so intriguing.

  • Caramel is sweet and sticky, giving me a toothache.   
  • Chocolate is strong, dark, and bitter.  
  • Marshmallow is soft and fluffy.  
  • Passion fruit candy is so sour that we were taking pictures of our own funny faces.  What a great way to end a wonderful meal.

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