Thursday, February 18, 2010


West meets East ~
Modern meets Classic

Our own molecular gastronomy in South Bay, foam, sous vide, liquid nitrogen, and caviars.  Bruno Chemel creates modern American cuisine with traditional Japanese techniques.   With Baume, Bruno's modern cuisine finally has a place it deserves.  
We fall in love with Bruno's slow poached farm egg and squab (see Chez TJ) so much that we bought a Polyscience sous vide machine, and live happily ever after.  Sous vide perfects texture of fish, chicken, and pork.  We eat much healthier with more white meat.  Thanks to Bruno.

Hamachi sashimi

Bread w/ tofu spread

Beet salad and goat cheese

Slow poached farm egg
We bought Polyscience sous vide machine in order to have this egg dish every weekend.  It was  sooooooo  good that we had made this farm egg dish 20 times in two months, dinners, lunches, weekends, weeknights.

Sous vide foie gras
Perfect translation of foie gras, pink, firm at the center with seared sides, not a single bit of grease on the plate.  Now I know why sous vide cooking is invented for foie gras.  The sponge cake has exactly the texture like real sponge, not cake at all.  It was so intriguing that I love it the third time around.

Poached fish daikon panna cotta
Love daikon and panna cotta.  Never thought they can be combined.  Another texture and flavor harmony from Bruno. 

Liquid nitrogent sour
Like a piece of modern art, I did not get it. 

Bruno's Chinese food
For someone who avoid Chinese food, I surprised Milton and finished this dish. 

Regret that I did not buy enough Anne Gros Echezeaux.  I have 1 bottle left and George sold out all. 

Litchi, mint, orange, huckleberry
All my favorite fruits in one bite.  Great but not enough.

Beef, truffles, chanterelle mushrooms


caramel donut

Chocolate sponge cake, chocolate caviar, ice cream, candied orange


Green tea eclairs
Strong greet tea flavor.  Greaaaat !

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