Friday, December 25, 2009

Commis Nov 2009

James Syhabout started Commis with his high school sweet heart in their home town Oakland which is surrounded by dozens of organic farms and suppliers of best fish and meat.  James focuses on texture, flavor, and beauty.  Each course shows painstakingly detailed effort.  A small 31-seat restaurant with an open kitchen provides a warm atmosphere and the Staff are friendly like the team in Coi, WD50, and L'Astrance.  They brought the dinning experience to another level.

Lemon grass soda

Poached york
dates puree, chive, onion soup

Sweet egg york, slightly sour onion fondue, sweetness of dates puree.  A great starter to wake up the taste buds.

Most aromatic PY Colin-Morey.  Perfect for Commis.

Kale soup

dill, celery, anis

Root Vege

Beautiful root vegetable grown just the right size to keep the intensity of flavor and texture.  Another sweet and sour flavor that pair well with sweet Riesling.

Olive oil poached cod

The perfect texture from sous vide.

Toasted barley risotto

True to the flavor of grain.  Milton's favorite course.

Sommelier Sarah also loves Anne Gros.  We had a wine exchange program going.  She helped us with our Ann Gros Clos Vougeot.  We got to try her interesting wine pairing program which reminded me the amazing wine pairing program at L'Astrance. Will definitely try the pairing next time if I am lucky enough to get a table.

Chicken white and dark

Pork 3 kinds

Pork fat/tendon, not greasy not chewy, just the right flavor and texture.

Pumpkin tart

Pumpkin cookie, crunchy.  Pumpkin mousse, soft.  Pine nut base, crispy.  Best texture award !!!  Concentrated pumpkin flavor.  Milton's favorite dessert.

Apple tart

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