Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ubuntu Oct 2009

ubuntu restaurant and yoga studio
Ubuntu's 'seed to stalk' menu bring the vegetables to live.  Chef Jeremy Fox creates unique harmony of vegetables and herbs, which makes unique dinning experience.  I felt perfectly satisfied after sharing the whole menu of 11 courses with Milton.  My desire of eating meat is nonexistent.

LAURETANA WATER from the Alps of Biella Mountain has the lowest fixed residue.  A healthy choice perfect for ubuntu.

CAPS: from the ubuntu biodynamic garden

Ale-battered homemade pickles
CHERKIN ROOT puree, rye crumb

I can't go a weekend getaway without Pierre Yves Colin-Morey.  2007 Batard Montrachet, taste of Maui, fresh young pineapple, coconut, and vanilla.

BORAGE and LEMONGRASS curry, swirled
pickled CHARD stem, whipped coconut milk, sweet HERBS

Thai curry coconut soup surprises: each spoon picked up different herbs, each bite has different surprise.  Our favorite Thai soup with herb firecracker.  What a great start of new vegetable experience.

Creamy burrata with a green TOMATO jam doughnut
'surrey' and 'sylvetta' ARUGULAS, saba

Silky Mozzarella outside with creamy on the inside with Mozzarella and cream, Burrata has sweet milky flavor.  I found my dream cheese for salad. 

Heirloom TOMATO, roasted and raw, flowering SHISO
corn pudding, BASIL, 'new zealand' SPINACH, corn pulp crunch
Roasted baby heirloom tomato boasted intense favor, mixed with fresh heirloom and shiso, sweet Japanese basil, which brings this dish to another level.

BRASSICAS a la catalan 
PEPPER tears, pine nut pudding, MINT, thompson rasisin

Lemon sauce is so light that it preserve the taste of all the vegetable.

Two textures of 'gem' avocado
BEET stem condimento, 'fuyu' PERSIMMON, hazelnut "soil"

Persimmon, interesting choice.  Hazelnut soil, intriguing.

The nose reminds us jemmy pineapple cake from Taiwan 台湾凤梨酥, butter, sweet ripe pineapple with the typical mineral and lemon flavor from Sauzet.  Sauzet, another must have for a enlighting vegetable experience.  What a wonderful wine.  I ordered all the 2007 Atherton Wine Imports has, and getting another case from AWI's next container. Lucky me.

Ubuntu's waitress was so happy when we offer her a glass of Sauzet, she later jump through roof when we left a good one third bottle behind.

Fingerling tostone and 'lady' APPLE salad
young ROOTS, horseradish fondue, 'ruby streaks' MUSTARD

creamy plantain tostone and potato drizzled with silky smooth yet surprising horseradish fondue is wonderful.  The little tiny baby turnips and carrots are challenging to pick up with fork.

'Orion' FENNEL frond falafel with GARDEN harissa
smooth chickpea, MINT, sesame seed, NASTURTIUM

Rancho gordo yellow eye bean stew 2010
spicy natural broth with ROSEMARY and CHILI, torn bread

Organic yellow corn grits from arbuckle
goat's milk whey and homemade ricotta, BASIL, black FIG

Quince, dates cake, earl grey ice cream

Earl grey ice cream is great choice to pair with sweet dates cake and quince.  I forgot to share with Milton, so sorry.

Chocolate terrain, lavender ice cream

Terrein texture conflict with the silky creamy chocolate texture. Anything lavender reminds me of soap...

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