Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bordeaux dinner Oct 2009

1998 Taittinger Comte Champagne young and fresh, bright acidity, blonc de blanc character, with nice balance of sweetness. 
Foie Gras

 forgot taking pix, substitute. It should be foie gras from Francois.

2004 Laville Haut Brion still young showing the usual Laville dominant Semillon oily nature, took a long time to open up. Dry crisp, good for sushi, and held up very well in the glass.

Hamachi Sashimi
shitaki mushroom, celery, ponzu

2002 Puligny Champs Canet Sauzet perfectly aged in 55 F cellar, fresh and rounded

Capri Salad

David's Special

Again, fogot pix of David's cod.  Substitute with David's previous creation.

1978 Pommard Château de Pommard amazing wine with gorgeous fruit and bouquet, fairly substantial. Aged well and fully resolved tannins and yet very lively with great length

Masutaki mushroom 
celery root puree

Our first try of Coi recipe.  With Joyce's help, we finally get the texture of puree right.

1982 Mouton Rothschild very nice bouquet, but not as apparent with the usual lead pencil Mouton character, warmer temperature than the Gruaud-Larose, lush and fairly dense substantial fruit.  82 Mouton finally reach its peak in 2009.

1982 Gruaud Larose fresher fruit, powerful, fruity, St-Julien with the firmer Gruaud character. Similar character to the 82 Mouton very slightly less concentrated but feels younger (must be the difference between George's 55F cellar vs mine 63F)

Rack of Lamb

1999 Palmer another big success tasted besides the Tertre and shows naturally younger for a Margaux. Elegant modern style, ripe and concentrated

1998 Tertre Roteboeuf brilliant fruit and sweet ripe flavors, like Bordeaux meets Napa. Great year in the right bank and Tertre does not miss it

Rib Eye

Rib Eye Steak
Masutaki mushroom

1988 de Fargues incredible balance that you just want to drink more and more as it flows perfectly with acidity to balance the nice candy corn sweetness and beautiful botrytis with a touch of crème Brulee. Golden color, starting to be in its prime age! Very much like Yquem style

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