Thursday, November 26, 2009

Providence Oct 2009

Providence is running late.  We sat at the bar waiting for half an hour and ran into Chef Michael Cimarusti who stepped out of kitchen for a break.   "You look familiar.  Were you on TV show?" I asked.  Chef said yes with a big smile and shook my hand.  By the time we were seated, it was 9:45 pm and passed the time to order 16-course chef's menu.  Donato Poto, restaurant manger, gladly put in the order of 16-course chef menu for us.  "You are lucky that chef is in good mood today."  He was right.  The balance of beauty, texture, and flavor in each dish was amazing, no compromising.

Aperitif of Mojito, Gin & Tonnic w/ lime, grape fruit
As soon as this amuse bouche was presented, I took the Mojito in my mouse.  Totally forgot taking a picture.  Sorry.

Light and refreshing, just enough to tease us.
My standard P-Y Colin.  Happy wine for a happy get away.
Trout Sashimi, Soy Marshmallow, Cheese puffCarrot shot 

Trout Sashimi with shitake mushroom and crispy brown rice where brown rice adds a great flavor to it.  Soy Marshmallow so light and soft like eating air.  Cheese puff is a bit sting.  Carrot shot with Moroccan curry.

Scallop with fresh wasabi 

Kampachi sashimi 
black truffle, sou vide andive, toasted hazelnut

Egg custard
american caviar, brioche cuton, uni, champion Beurre Blanc

I prefer a simple egg custard with one focused flavor.  Caviar and champion Beurre Blanc would work just fine.

Asian spot shrimp 珊瑚蝦

We are so excited with texture and flavor of all the courses so far and totally forgot about Echezeaux DRC on the table.  This so unlike me.

White truffle

Poached egg with white truffle

Pasta with white truffle

Two of us have half of a white truffle.  Donato was impressed with our appetite, we eat a lot more than Hollywood folks.


I couldn't help asking Donato how chef prepared skin of the trubot to create a crispy yet chewy texture which gives a jerky flavor.  Best fish ever, Milton said.  "Pan roasted" Donato proudly shared "This is the dish Michael created to beat Morimoto in Iron Chef."

King Salmon
matsutake mushroom, lemon foam

Echezeaux DRC open up.  The nose of white rose is intoxicating, a lot more than Ann, silky texture with more than 20 seconds of length. 
Pork Belly

Wagu beef

Milton finished Wagu beef in 2 seconds.  It is over mid-night.  Background was Bob Marley's 3-little bird while we decided on cheese selection.   We felt so bad that we have not start dessert yet and it looks like we are the last table.  "Don't worry.  There is another group of Kiwi having good time." staff said.


2 pyrenee, 1 brie, and the special cheese made by Korean musician

Hazelnut bread is dense, chewy, and full flavor like moon cake

Flavors of South Pacific

Melon Sorbet
vanilla ice cream, sweet basil

Banana cream pie

Milk chocolate-whisky panna cotta
bailey's ice cream, coconut raviolo

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