Friday, November 27, 2009

Nami Nami Nov 2009 special

Chef Shoichi Shiono designed an omakase menu for us.

Nice yeasty Champagne with soft bubble.  Lenoble injected small portion of chardannay from oat barrel to balance quality in various vintages.

Lenoble Blanc de Blancs is great with fish.

Nami Nami sasime tofu with crab butter

It is the best dish for me.  The soft and sticky nami nami tofu with crab butter...... Yum !!!

Intense nose of tropical fruit and boiche, a hint of malic acid still remains.

Aji with cucumber, cellary, onion, Nagaimo (sticy Japanese yam), quail egg
Oyaster with lemo jelly

Ocean trout with egg and salmon roe

Corton Charlemagne with great potential. Toasted nuts.  can use decanting to open it up more.

Chef Shoichi have some fun serving his special cabbage roll

Cabbage role with cod milt

This course is so light that we can taste the sweetness of cabbage.

Great complex brett nose of green stem and cellary seed.  Tannin finish.

Monk fish liver risotto
uzu, mushroom

Luke loves this dish very much.  The risotto is done in Asian style, soft and smooth.

Shinji carefully decanting '94 Ridge Vineyards "Monte Bello" Cabernet Sauvignon

A great Bordeaux, a beautiful Bordezaux with plenty of fruit, cassis, and vanilla
Black pork
cherry tomato, baby corn, broccolini

Soichi is classically trained in Japanese culinary school and makes great Italian fine cusine.  Bread crumb is flacky infused with oragano, parsley, and garlic.  Pan-seared then broil.

Kobe beef stew

Kobe beef texture can never go wrong.  Hint of thyme, rosemary, fennel with high pressure cooking.

Ridge waited till the graps were matured and dried on the vine. Flavor of red rassin with soft sweetness. A great dessert wine.
Line up the casualties.

We should have opened Clos de Vougeot Hudelot for Mai at Nami Nami

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