Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bo Innovation

Bo Innovation, 2-star Michellen restaurant in Hong Kong. Menu is extremely interesting, a forced fusion of Chinese and French. Extreme Chinese is correct. I got sick before finishing the meal, all the different ingridient does not work well in my stomach.

Thousand-year-old Egg in French Laundry Amuse-bouche
I love thousand-year-old egg but can not finish this amuse-bouche

Fried duck egg
It stinks so bad that I can't put it in my mouth after one bite

Uni noodle

Toro with Foie Gras Shavings
nothing can beat toro and foie gras

Chinese Char-siu Rice
Interesting name but I wish I had the traditional char-siu rice

Langoustine Coated with Salted Egg York w/ Cauliflower Custard
Langoustine, salted egg york, and cauliflower, my favorites ingridents together introduced a great mix of texture

Almost a Miso Fish with Soy

Duck Breast

Kobe Beef on Top of Green Bean Noodle

Sesame Ball

Black Sesame Shake

Peanut Mochi

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