Saturday, May 1, 2010

Acquerello, Nov 2009

A charming church converted to the best Italian restaurant in San Francisco.  We were here for the Novemenber white truffle menu which George had it 3 times in one month.  He loves it so much and had to take us here.

Acquerello has warm and family-like service.  No wonder George kept coming back.

Blood Orange Soda

2001 Batard Montrachet Ramonet
Stated with tropical and minty basil nose and changed into rosemary, orange peel, with hint of Indian spice half an hour later.  Beautiful.
Beef Carpaccio

Black Truffle Potato Ball

high acidity, typical of 1996 vintage.  It was too cold and open up 1/2 hour later, Caramel nose showed up. After another hour, the nose turn sweet basil.  Best Paul Pernot we've tasted.

2000 Leflaive, unfortunately it was corked.  George's last bottle.

Grilled Walu over braised celery
clams and mussels in 'Acqua Pazza'

A wonderful butter fish with just the right thickness to bring out Walu's texture.  Hint of acidity went well with Ramonet.  Definitely avoid the ragu base though.

White truffle budino al parmigiano

White truffle tajarin

White truffle gnocchi
I love gnocchi and made my own special white truffle gnocchi.

Aged Carnaroli risotto with port belly and Rome Beauty apples

Best wine service in town, no limit, the way we like it.

Ponsot does not use new oak for Clos de La Roche.  Interesting citrus candy nose.

Veal loin over creamy polenta
chanterelles and veal sweetbreads

Breast of Grimaud Farms duck
with red wine pear mostarda, orange lentil and almond coated foie gras

Anise, cassis, jammy berry.  Haut-Brion is warmer than Medoc.  With 40% merlot, a smooth wine indeed.

We were adventurous and ordered a great bottle of Barolo.
Five months later, I still remember the experience.  The nose of Band-Aid got stronger.  We felt like back to high school at nurse station after a PE accident.  Very interesting.

Our first impression is 2005 Mouton is not yet closed, high alcohol with plenty of berry.  But it closed 3 hours later and turn tanin, acidity, and bitter.  An expansive lesson.
Brasato of America Kobe beef short ribs in Barolo 
root vegetables

Grilled lamb's tongue 
celery, salsa verde and black Gaeta olive oil

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