Thursday, September 10, 2009


Menu is a poem.
Service was minimal and flawless
No introduction of dishes or wine till we taste it
Bill is a hand written scribble
A fun evening of intellectual challenges.

" Le Dinner Surprise..." + "Avec les vins surprise"

" here or elsewhere, the dishes that we imagine and kitchen's what's for dinner surprise tell a story and call a travel. a travel guide by the unexpected demand for authenticity of products and the freedom of imagination, respect for individual preferences"
Pascal Barbot, Christophe Rahat and their staff thank you for your confidence and wish you a wonderful evening.

nose of this wine yells Riesling right away. can't miss it.
light on alcohol, a German Riesling since French wine must have >12% alcohol

Amuse Bouche
toasted brioche w/ lemon butter

Amuse Bouche
parmesan cheese

Amuse Bouche
tomato, red currant, sesame base
red currant foam is extremely light like tasting air but plenty of flavor

I couldn't believe that I missed this wine. Sancerre!
green apple, lemon, spicy on the mouth

2006 is a strong different vintage for Loire. We can never get it right. Guess I am not that bad.

Foie gras, apple, mushroom
walnut oil & lemon tart mouse on the side
thin sliced mushroom and apple make this dish light. love it

Prawn w/ shrimp, garlic, ginger consomme
aromatic seasonal herb, fry shallot, fennel
Japanese cucumber, red chili pepper, red bell pepper

Sweet papaya and that's all

King of fish, heart of palm
yellow cumin, lemon
papaya and mango

Clam w/ thyme
so fresh and crunchy

Grenache blanc, Sauvignon blanc

Catalogne Nord at Spanish border where anchovy from (no way to guess this region but easy to spot the grape varieties)

15% alcohol, perfect wine with anchovy

Mi so Mackerel
buckwheat, red spinach, bok choy, oyster vegetable, sardine, Japanese turnip, lemon peel

Cream of anchovy under herb

Cream of anchovy: smooth, soft texture with light and just right amount of anchovy flavor not to over power the main dish. Best in innovation and flawless execution. What else can you ask for?

Chef changed the sauces of the remaining two red meat dishes to match 1996 La Tache. The matching was perfect. It turns out Chef had this wine in January 2009 and purposely used ingredients La Tache has.

Young and very close. This bottle open up thirty minutes later. It blossomed after we finish both duck and lamb dishes.

nose of cucumber, earthy herb, mint, jammy plum, and perfume compact powder
sweet tannin, red currant

Duck breast w/ meat juice

Baby lamb specially adjusted side for La Tache
reduced meat juice, winter vege, sour cherry puree
two pieces of white; one dark. the fat kept a strong lamb flavor and make this dish better than L'arpege's lamb from Mont Saint-Michel

a piece of art
Zukini flower stuffed with raspberry, tangerine, gorgonzola


Tajitt flower mousse and jelly

I asked to have Tajett flower jelly on a white plate for picture. Isn't it beautiful?
ricotta cheese, almond foam, black currant sorbet

a small production of 6000 bottles per year, like DRC
12% alcohol, not fortified
nose of fig, strawberry jam, rose, white flower

sorbet of Japanese basil w/ old ginger, lemon grass, mint, coriander
Jasmin tea w/ eggnog

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