Friday, September 4, 2009

Do Elmiliano

In our first vacation to Cabo, we accidently step into Don Emiliano in old town. Chef Magrita Salina presentd traditional Maxican haute cuisine. Wonderful and warm service make us feel like home. We had 4 dinners there in 5 days, ate the whole menu, and became friends with the whole staff.

We fall in love with true Mexican cuisine and taquila.

Shaved octopus with cilantro vinaigrette

Grilled scallops with white mole
white mole is made of pine nutes, almond, and agave juice

Mexican vermicelle with aged cheese

Grilled Angus beef tenderlion, green chili and garlic sauce

Caramel custard

Chocolate and chili tartlet with home made cinnamon ice cream

Tequila bar
Tequila light and young

Tequila silver

Tequila gold

Day 2 at Cabo, we went back to Don Emilano. Chef Magrita Salina made us a different set of tasting menu. We were in heaven.

Grilled scallop salad

Hikima and tomatillo salad w/ chili oil
we found both hikima and tomatillo at whole food and able to make it at home

Chef showed us what is Tomatillo

Mexican bean soup with cheese

Chili Salmon

Mango with pistachio

Coconut and starfruit

Relax another day by the pool, getting ready for another exotic meal at Don Emiliano.

Roast beef
salad is not DE's expertise

Milk skin lasagna
a traditional Mexican convent dish. delicate and soft in the mouth
cooks spent hours skim off milk skin then layer them with tomato

Stir fry port with chili

Taco "traditional"


Tequila gold

Another relaxing day by the ocean side pool. The true is that we repeated same activities everyday for the whole week. Brunch, relax by the pool, dinner.
We ordered from menu this time.

Tamale, fish, pork, cheese, plain
we each get 2 different kinds of tamale

Oblone Taco

Black chicken in white mole


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