Monday, September 28, 2009


Eye-opening wonderful Coi.
Luckily, we got a same-day reservation for two on Sat night. Had a snack at Coriander, the Thai cafe inside Broomingdale.      Went home.  Took a snap.  Brought a couple of bottles of wine just in case.  Another beautiful dinning experience.

celebrate vegetables with Taittinger

Amuse Bouche
strawberry rootbeer

Pleasantly surprise with salty flavor, thyme and strawberry flavor stays with a good length of time.  Opened our appetite.

 Summer, frozen in time
plum, frozen meringue, yogurt

Strong flower perfume, fresh plum, yogurt top with shaved ice; another salty surprise.

 Melon and cucumber
aroma of mint

Refreshing salty cucumber and fresh sweet melon make great combination. Melon juice is again unexpected salty has wonderful aroma with slight hint of mint.

Inverted cherry tomato tart
black olive, basil

Stack of basil paste, peeled cherry tomato, tomato foam, and black olive crust.   Another refreshing course.

Chilled piquillo pepper soup
fresh pole and shelling beans, zatar, nepitella

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter
young carrots, burnt rice, cocoa nib, cilantro

Burned rice sooths the sourness of pickled carrot .

Monterey bay abalone grilled on the plancha
bettle salsa verde, spicy breadcrumbs, lemon zest

Pan-grilled matsutake
potato-pineneedle puree

closed. nose of camellia, full-body silky texture, like drinking cologne.
Coi decanted back and forth a few times to open it.  Showing some hawthorn berry (山查 shan-zha), green melon, and hint of cedar.

It was even more floweral with lamb.  a perfect marriage.  Finally opened up around 11:20 pm. a complex wine with great length.

Slow roasted lamb
chard leaves and stems, garum, rosemary
OK. I finished the lamb before I realized pix missing. 

Tomme D'Ossau (Bachelet)
sweet and spicy greens

orange blossom cake, niabel grape, pistachio butter, apple, sorrel

Caramelized white chocolate parfait, semi-frozen
Huckleberries, anise

The best dessert I ever had.  Salty flavor matches well with the courses and balanced the sweetness of white chocolate. The semi-frozen white chocolate melted in my mouth like the foie gras at L'Ambroisie.  And, the Huckleberries, round pickets fill with jam. 

Essence of Pear
honey caramelized candy

A great finish of the meal at midnight. 

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